K.K.Coir is a leading manufacturer of organic Coco Peat/Pith/Coir products with over 30 years of experience in coconut cultivation & processing of coconut products. Our growing medium can be used for growing a wide range of crops including all types of Berries, Tomatoes, Peppers, Jalapenos, Paprika, all types of Melons & Gourds, Cannabis etc. It is useful for a wide range of customers ranging from kids to adults, home growers to backyard growers to professional horticulture and hydroponic farms all over the world with our easy growing medium. Our finished products have the highest quality that satisfies our customers. We follow the best practices in the industry with Safety, Quality and Ethics as the highest priority.

Our Vision

Customer Satisfaction

Promote Organic Farming

Indoor Farming & Environmental Protection

Imbibe Agriculture as a habit in the current generation

Minimum Resources, Maximum Productivity, and Profitability

Our Mission

High Quality Growing Medium

Continue to innovate new products helping the farmers

Meet the Industrial demand

Follow Safety and ethical work practices


Dr. M. Ganesan

Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry), Madurai Kamaraj University

Our founder is a retired and well renowned Chemistry Professor having close to 4 decades of research and teaching experience in the field of Organic Chemistry. He was also very passionate about Agriculture, Horticulture and Organic farming. He has been farming Rice, Sugarcane, Seasonal Vegetables, Banana, Mango and Berries for the past 25 years. With his mind, always full of various mixes and compounds from Chemistry coupled with the growing hobby, he always wanted to find the best growing medium that would be organic, environment friendly, sustainable and provide bountiful profits for the farmers. He has been the pillar of our organization with the sole aim of making farming easy and profitable.


Er. Enthuja Mada Kannan

ME (Embedded Systems), PSG Technology, Coimbatore

Our CEO born and bred in Tirunelveli, comes from one of the biggest Agricultural families in South India. And hence, she always had agriculture as a top priority. Modern problems require modern solutions. With the world growing fast, she continues to follow the footsteps of her ancestors putting together all her knowledge and experience from living in USA/Canada for the past 10 years. She is a 1st generation women entrepreneur but a 4th generation Agriculturalist with excellent team-time management skills, leadership skills and ambitious business strategies.

Managing Director

Er. G. Ragasudhan

BE (Electrical Engineering), Thiagarajar College of Engineering

Our MD following the footsteps of our founder, has been the fulcrum of all field operations putting to use his Electrical Engineering graduation. He has been spearheading the procurement, operations and future expansion strategies through his devoted hard work and management skills.

Marketing Manager

Er. G. Ragavendran

MS (Mech., Materials & Composites), Concordia University, Canada

Our Marketing Manager oversees the Sales and Customer Satisfaction for our clients in North America & Europe region. He has Post-graduated from Concordia University, Canada, specializing in Materials & Composites. Using all his knowledge and tag teaming along with the founder, he is always dedicated to come up with the best growing medium to help the farming world.